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Pancho Villa’s Trigger Finger and Other El Paso Tales

Have you ever noticed how the best adventures are often those that are unplanned? That's what happened to me recently. What began as a simple outing for an art show and lunch in El Paso turned into a stellar day. I can't wait to go back. Up until...

Grandview Trail is a Don’t Miss Hike

Grandview Trail in High Rolls, NM is a Hidden Gem of a Hike If you're passing through southern New Mexico and looking for an accessible hike that takes you right into the mountains, don't miss the Grandview Trail, located between Alamogordo and Cloudcroft, NM. I discovered the...

Book Review: Killing Hope by Keith Houghton

Of Monsters and Men: Killing Hope by Keith Houghton As all crime fiction fans know, when you’ve been a fan of a genre for decades, the hunt for an attention-grabbing new author gets tougher all the time. If you've been waiting for a fresh voice, read the crime novel Killing...

Escape From Winter: Mountain Biking in Las Vegas

Mountain Biking in Las Vegas Beats Casinos Any Day Who ever thought Las Vegas, top destination for gamblers and glitz, would have some of the finest mountain biking in the country? When frigid winter weather descended on us in January, we decided to head out to warmer,...