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New Walking Buddies

Meet New Friends Where You Least Expect Them Check out this beauty. I ran into him on one of my daily walks on the pecan farming roads in Las Cruces, NM where we live now. Who knew that peacocks hang out in New Mexico? I was walking...

weightlifting the yard way

Weightlifting the Yard Way

... unavoidably treated to a view four 20-somethings sleeping face down on dirt covered sofas, scattered beer bottles and a smoking fire pit. The only one awake was their dog, who was quietly chewing his way through one of the Lazy Boys.......

Honey, will you enter the wife-carrying race with me?

How weird are humans?  I just had to share this article about an actual wife-carrying race from the Finnish American Reporter. If you've read my earlier post on ancestry, you'll know I am a died-in-the-wool Finlander at heart, but this little story left me speechless. I'll...