Overheard on a Plane

Overheard on a Plane

Hungry –

Conversation between parents and two sons sitting in front of me during a flight to Houston:


“What honey.”

“I’ve thought about it and I’ve discovered I am a cannibal. I want to eat Cameron’s arm but he won’t let me touch it. He won’t let me touch it!”

“Mmm hmmmm.”

“Make him. I really want take a chomp out of his right arm.”

……Garbled noise…..

“C’mon, Cameron! Cameron, give me your arm!!!”

Now dad weighs in:

“Christian, if he doesn’t want to share his arm, he doesn’t want to share it. Why don’t you start on his fingernails? His fingernails and then his toenails?”

At the end of the flight, I hear the mom pipe up:

“Cameron? How are your ears, honey?”


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  • Sandi

    March 6, 2013 at 10:58 pm Reply

    Hahahha! I wonder if he has been watching TWD? His parents sound reasonable enough to let him watch that show!

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