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Desert Monsoon

A Desert in Full Bloom After Summer Monsoon I thought monsoon season occurred in India, but we have one here in the New Mexico desert. We've had days of thick humidity blown around by warm winds and followed by long soaking rains. The flowers seem to...

best hiking boots

What’s the Best Hiking Boot?

I admit it - I'm a sucker for outdoor technical gear. I especially love hiking boots. Right now I have three pair, all for different kinds of terrain, and I'm pretty sure it's not quite enough. I choose them for ...

posole pot

Step AWAY From That Pot of Posole, NOW!

Don't Mess With the Hostess and Her Posole Check out this article in the Las Cruces Sun-News. A short reminder that we all love our moms but should not make assumptions when it comes to their tolerance levels. Happy Mother's Day, all. Charges Dismissed Against NM Man...

Syndrome E Franck Thilliez Book review

Syndrome E by Franck Thilliez & Mark Polizzotti

I can see why Syndrome E: A Thriller, written by Franck Thilliez, is being made into a movie. It's so juicy, the story keeps you on your toes from beginning to end. I felt like I was perched...

Spring Blooms in the Desert

Spring Blooms in the Desert

So Beautiful I Had to Share ~ It’s a pleasure to be in one place for a while, long enough for a second springtime here in Las Cruces. The flowers here always surprise me in their vibrance and ability to bloom in this high, dry desert. Here are...

Moon Walk in Las Cruces

Moon Walk in Las Cruces

Hard to believe we live in a new suburb on the edge of the city. I was in a hurry to squeeze in a walk after a day filled with conference calls and so immersed on figuring out the best route to take that I...

adventures for richer living

Why Make Time to Exercise?

Simple - it makes me feel good. Always has, ever since I was a kid. My three sisters and I couldn't be more different when it comes to exercising. I've jogged, stretched, skated, biked, kettle belled, race walked, and chased myself around the world. All...

Hiking the Roundup Cliffs in Alamogordo NM

Hiking with Friends in Alamogordo NM Can you see me and my friend? This hike had an incline of 900 ft every mile. And rattle snakes and spiders but seriously, it was safe all the way. All you need is lots of water, good boots, sunglasses and...

Living in a Glass House

"That don't matter. I see your boot prints all over and I've seen your husband around on his bike.You should know me by now!" he said....

book review the remedy thomas goetz

Book Review: The Remedy by Thomas Goetz

Thomas Goetz shows us the horror of a world without a cure for tuberculosis When I was a kid, I thought the phrase "Do Not Spit on Sidewalk" was an admonishment to practice good manners, especially in public. I didn't realize the dark history that lay behind...

bike riding arizona trail saguaro national park

Riding in the Saguaros on the Arizona Trail

You know that cactus you'd see in cowboy cartoons when we were kids? You know, the ones with arms that were usually talking or slapping some dopey cowboy in the head? I pictured them as part humorous creature, part plant. That's what went into my...